Seattle rap Bad Guy Nacho Picasso ("the Tat in the Hat/what you call an overdose, he just call that a nap") and production duo Blue Sky Black Death just announced that Exalted, part three in their ongoing series of collaborative albums (see also: For the Glory, Lord of the Fly), will be released May 28th. Though at first listen Lord of the Fly seemed like For the Glory Pt. 2, repeated spins showed clear progress in both Nacho's cross-faded, reference-packed flows and Blue Sky Black Death's menacing, outer-space trance slaps. Judging from that leaked cover art, you can fully expect Exalted to follow suit and push further into the hostile galaxy of gothic thuggery they've created.

A related note: For all the historical bitching local heads do about Seattle rappers never blowing up nationally, the level which the city has been sleeping on these guys, who have plenty of other sources buzzing right now, strikes me as a bit odd. Hip thyself to the albums if you haven't yet, follow Nacho's riotously inappropriate Twitter account (seriously one of the most entertaining in the city), and catch his opening set for fellow Moor Gangster Jarv Dee's Dopamine release show at Chop Suey on the 18th, or both of them at the Capitol Hill Block Party in July.

Check out the latest BSBD-directed video for LotF standout "Staring at the Sun" below.