When I was six I went to Florida with my mother and one of her crummy boyfriends. We drove from Ohio, which seemed to take 15 days. "Whip It" had just been released and was getting a ton of radio play, my mother's boyfriend grumbled every time the song came on. Just two days ago, Emily Nokes and I were arguing about what Devo song is the best Devo song. The answer is "Gut Feeling" and I'm not even sure what she said because she didn't say "Gut Feeling."

God made man, but he used the monkey to do it.
  • "God made man, but he used the monkey to do it."

My favorite Devo bootleg is called Clockwork. It was recorded in San Francisco in 1977. The whole show is great, but the version of "Jocko Homo" is mind altering, especially the breakdown beginning at 1:40. You can download the whole thing here.


The title "Jocko Homo" came from an anti-evolution pamphlet from 1924, distributed by possible whack-job / visionary D.H. Shadduck. The entire title of the pamphlet is Jocko-Homo (Monkey Man), The Heaven Bound King of The Zoo. If you feel like freeing your brainframe, you can read the whole thing here.

Do you love Devo? Do you agree that "Gut Feeling" is the best Devo song? Go ahead and talk about it!