DJ DOUGGPOUND is a Chicago comedy expert in town with Brent Weinbach and Eliott Maxx tonight (and last night) and tomorrow night at the Comedy Underground. DJ DOUGGPOUND's is the alter-ego of Doug Lussenhop, who is the editor and co-writer for Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!, Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Chrimbus Special, Funny or Die Presents..., Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule as well as editor for Portlandia, Jon Benjamin Has a Van and a buncha other stuff (including editing & voices on the classic G.I. Joe PSAs!).


I sat down with Doug at the Crumpet Shop to unravel the mystery of why he's here and every possible other thing.

How do you feel about Seattle? What have you done here so far?

I like how people dress up here, it's like an outdoorsy celebrity chef kinda vibe, very similar to my style. We creeped over to my favorite place, the Crumpet Shop, now I'm creepin' on some artisan wares at the Pike Street Market. I bought a drug rug from the poncho man.

What can a person expect at the shows you're doing while you're here?

The show is very musical and experimental. Brent Weinbach is probably my favorite comedian.

You're associated with Portlandia, do you feel like this part of the country lives up to the TV show?

Yeah because local comedian Eliot Maxx looks exactly like Fred Armisen.

What's your favorite movie?


Tell me all about Brent Weinbach.

He came up with that last joke. Also, his comedy is completely unique, difficult to describe. He won the Andy Kaufman Award, if that gives you an idea.

Tell me a little about Eliott Maxx.

He's been doing comedy since the ’70s and his act and name has changed a few times. There's actually two portraits of him on the wall at the comedy underground with two different names and he looks completely different in each picture!

If you had unlimited money to spend in a 24 hour period, what would you do?

I'd creep up to the Pike Street Market and keep paying for those dudes to throw fish across the counter. Then, I'd creep outta there and donate the fish to the homeless.

Have you ever been in a fist fight? If so, what happened?

Honestly, I've never been in one, I just play dead.