Today's email deluge included this missive; I've added commentary in brackets:

Women today want everything to be a reflection of their style. [TWO GROSS GENERALIZATIONS IN THE FIRST SENTENCE. WELL DONE!] And with chicBuds bridging the gap between fashion and music technology, your favorite gadgets can now be accessorized with your look! Austere ear buds are a thing of the past [AUSTERE EAR BUDS? WELL, I NEVER!], with the newest addition to the chicBuds collection: ARTS! ARTS inner ear buds combine modern design with contemporary patterns and styles. Women can wear Zebra Stripes to mirror their wild side [BECAUSE NOTHING SCREAMS "WILD" LIKE ZEBRA STRIPES.], Pink Leopard to match their summer brights, and Blue Graffiti to capture that edgy cool vibe [FUTURA 2000 IS VERY HAPPY FOR YOU.].

Let's have a poll to determine if chicBuds are a good idea.