Two new local rap clips from Central District-minded Fatal and Starr:

The title "Big Bro" is actually kinda misleading: the song's all about the femme fatales that Fatal has on his team—Biggie called them "murda mamis." A rose by any other name would still pop your fucking top off, so if you play in those streets, keep to their good side. This is in fact Fatal's first actual video for a song of his, and it looks great, capturing well the menace that can at times surround him. Plus a Prometheus Brown cameo for your daily requirement of town business.

Starr's been around for a minute if you didn't know—he's been variously known as Shawn Starr, YungStarr, Spazzavelli, Choppavelli—I first peeped him on an unreleased D.Black track in 2007, and he's stayed at it ever since. His verses are bare bones and real: "working at the Papa Murphy's didn't deserve me"—but the stirring cloud-rap production is what really struck me about it. Hard raps and heady, hazy beats just go so well together—and immediately recognizable in this video is of course Fatal Lucciauno, who I would love to hear over some emotive production exactly like this.