Girl Talk: Splendid and wild with energy. Kids going mad, everybody is happy. Gregg Gillis is from Pittsburgh, PA. There are really nice bridges in Pittsburgh, PA.
Pretty Lights: A giant natural amphitheater is an odd setting for computer music, but the audience seemed to love it. I was concerned about the environmental impact of the thousands of glow sticks hurled into the crowd, but if teens consider Mother Earth a MILF, well then, whatevs.


Mark Lanegan: I talked to a lady who's been a Lanegan fan for years, she said this was one of his best shows that she'd ever seen. You know how people talk about "it" and whether people have it or not? It seems that Mark Lanegan has that.
Metal Chocolates: Usually brilliant, perfectly capable of making a giant group of people have a good time. Also known as OC Notes, we're fortunate to be able to call him one of ours.


Charles Bradley: HOLY FUCK. Fantastic voice, incredible moves, brilliant band, tight pants. Certainly a weekend highlight.
Blitzen Trapper: Not really my thing, as I'm not wild for rural indie twang, but I overhead a girl say that she'd be happy to get pregnant by the music of Blitzen Trapper. Which I took to mean not listening to it while doing it, but actually having the music go all up in there, etc.


Metric: GREAT! The sound for this show was particularly precise, more than anything I've seen so far otherwise.
The Shins: I'm a Shins fan, for sure. Things seem to be totally different since the line-up change. In the middle of the set a teenage girl asked me, "What in the fuck is this shit?" They played a lot of stuff off of the first two records which sounded great. Otherwise, dude should be regretting the line-up change, if you ask me and probably the girl who asked "What in the fuck is this shit?"

Goons attacking the sno-cone machine.
  • Goons attacking the sno-cone machine.

Jack White: If there's anybody that everybody talked about about with across the board positive enthusiasm, it's ex-Goober & the Peas drummer Jack White. The crowd was extra stoked during the White Stripes and Raconteurs covers, but the whole set was blistering and riotous.
Kurt Vile: Enviable hair, aloof attitude, commanding personality. Splendid. Overheard opinion seems to be split, but I think that guy is an infinite talent. Most likely always recommended.
Thee Satisfaction: Go ahead and believe the hype, no joke.


Black Whales: Having an early slot can be tough at these things, but these guys were perfectly suited for early day laze in the sun jams. One girl twirled in circles for the whole set and then collapsed onto a group of people eating hot dogs.