Here's a group of kids I was happy to meet! We crossed paths just outside of the Media Area, where a maze of bathroom water overflows into a dirt path, now affectionately called HEPATITIS MARSH.


What are your names and where are you from?
Kate: I'm Kate from Seattle!
Craig: I'm Craig from Seattle, WA!
Katie: I'm Katie from Seattle! I'm his brother (points to Craig).
Craig: I'm your sister!
Katie: I'm your sister!

What's the best thing you've seen this weekend?
Kate: St. Vincent. By far.
Craig: Trampled by Turtles, hands down.
Katie: Oh my God, do I have to choose one?

You can say as many as you want.
Craig: Put the Head and the Heart in there.
Katie: Okay, Wolfgang Gartner was sick. Well, uh, Alabama Shakes! Man, they were legit! And Allen Stone!

Do you think this atmosphere is an appropriate way to celebrate Memorial Day?
Kate: Yeah! Yeah!
Craig: Yes, definitely.

In what way, do you think?
Craig: We're having a damn good time.
Kate: Everyone's down to party and it's fine.

So tell me how you feel about JonBenét Ramsey.
Katie: Uh...

What about Flamin' Hot Cheetos?
Katie: I mean they taste pretty good but they're kind of bad for you so I can't say I eat them.

What's better, sweat bands or sweat shops?
Kate: (unsure) Sweat bands? (more sure) Yeah, sweat bands.

And do you consider Mother Earth a MILF?
Craig: Absolutely!

Thanks to Katie, Kate & Craig!