Another week, another bunch of things on Craigslist. This week's Grunge Watch is heavy with musical equipment, probably due to people cleaning out basements for what the PNW calls spring. It's June 13th, I'm wearing a cardigan.

For the analysts, the trend is up again this week. We saw a 5% decrease in lamestain futures. Unfortunately, the cob nobblers of last week remained unsold, the autographed Bleach CD and Chris Cornell photo are still available. In addition, the Alice In Chains shirt also hasn't moved, though it would compliment a pair of wack slacks nicely.

First up, the SCGW pick of the week:

local seattle concert posters- over 100 - $50 (covington) Though the price may be a little steep, this looks like a collection of contemporary hand bills from the Seattle region. It appears that some of the fliers are in a bound plastic folder, which can assure you that this seller means business when it comes to condition.

Dod FX-60 - GRUNGE - $50 (Seattle) Look for the owner of this device at Comedy Underground soon, because this description is funny. Have a look at the whole listing for "many laffs," but ponder this bewildering wrap-up sentence right now: "PS - Citizen Dick plays a show like every other night so you are not going to miss anything if we meet up for a sale at the Off Ramp."

Tweed Deluxe 5E3 type Amp - $1260 (Phinney Ridge)
"This is the sound that made Rock and Roll and that gave Neil Young his title the Father of Grunge."

Line 6 Spider Amp - $50 (Queen Anne)
"It's also got a 6 mode emulation selector, anything from blues to grunge to reverb."

ZUNE Black 120 WiFi charger big screen DLO case +car pack (W Seattle)
(Jim Newberry pick of the week!) "Theres games and stuff on it, and it has WiFi, plus it's half full of tasteful rock, grunge type 90s music, and a ton of new metal, metal core stuff like that 61+ gb used nothing zune has rights to."

Digitech Grunge effects pedal - $40 (Tacoma)
"This is a digitech grunge effects pedal, just like in the picture."