This from Sub Pop's director of film and TV licensing, Lacey Swain:

"This is 100% truth: As I was parallel parking my car downtown I bumped the car to my rear, and I also noticed that the driver was in the car. This kind of incident has gone extremely poorly for me in the past, so I gave a little 'I'm sorry' wave and gathered my things and exited the car prepared to get into yet another fight on the street with an irate and unreasonable stranger. Instead, I look over to see that the car in question is some sort of mid makeover Fast Five type car with black primer, with a tiny, bug-eyed kid behind the wheel furiously texting. Just as I am about to give the 'my bad' wave one more time and mouth 'I'm so sorry' to him, I see that he has, written in the primer dust on the hood of the car, in all caps, mind you, the always hilarious phrase NO FAT CHICKS ALLOWED."

Furiously texting.
  • Ruben Mendez
  • "Furiously texting."