Seattle electronic ensemble Truckasauras are contributing a track for "Soundworks," a collection of tracks commissioned by the ICA in London to coincide with the showing of artist Bruce Nauman's exhibit Days, being shown there this summer. According to the press release, "Soundworks embraces the ephemeral and peripatetic nature of sound, creating an online platform that doubles as a virtual exhibition space."

Truckasauras' piece, "Bothell Trance," will appear on their forthcoming 2012 album. It will also be released as part of the Sequencing show of the 2012 series in August. Truck's longest work to date, "Bothell Trance" is a 15-minute tour de force of mantric, brisk rhythmic repetition, penetrating pings, strident synth stabs and excited piano(?)-string plucking. It sounds like an all-star minimalist-composer jam among Steve Reich, Arnold Dreyblatt, and Philip Glass. Breaking new ground for themselves, Truck have achieved a creative peak.

Truck drummer Tyler Swan describes "Bothell Trance" below:

Bothell Trance is a 60 count form that explores the relationship between the 2, 3, 4, and 5 count. Voiced by three monophonic voices and one polyphonic voice. Each count has it’s own pitch and timbre and variations are derived from the common events the different counts share, patterns that emerge when visually represented, and the order in which the events occur. The variations are discovered and then arranged in an attempt to achieve musical elements. Harmonics, form, progression. Theme, rest, return. Lose, build momentum. Create, fill space. Producing dynamics through patterns of events that are within the confines of a static measurement and speed. The arrangement is circular.

The online and Gallery exhibitions go live at noon today, and it runs through September. More info after the cut.


From acoustic environments to audio fiction, commentary, found sounds, minimal composition, and experiments in music, the medium of sound is attractive to artists coming from a wide array of practices. This diversity is made apparent in SOUNDWORKS, a project which presents over 100 sound works by artists from across the world. Selected by ICA curators and art institutions worldwide, the artists have been invited to submit a sound file, taking its stimulus from the themes evoked in Bruce Nauman’s Days.

SOUNDWORKS embraces the ephemeral and peripatetic nature of sound, creating an online platform that doubles as a virtual exhibition space. The online presentation makes the works accessible worldwide, the place to explore sound as a medium which is simultaneously inclusive, interactive, and subversive. The exhibition includes a wide range of audible approaches by artists who have been working with the medium for many years, as well as artists taking their first venture into sonic arts. The exhibition will be presented online and in the ICA Galleries.

The sound season will be accompanied by a series of talks, screenings, and performances that culminates in a 2 day programme of events on 14–15 September.

To explore the SOUNDWORKS online space please visit


Contributing Artists

Adam Christensen

Agnieszka Polska & Tomasz Kowalski


Alan Dunn

Alberto Tadiello

Alejandro Cesarco

Alex Waterman

Amy Granat

Andrea Büttner

Andy Holden

Anke Eckardt & Henry Koch

Anthony Discenza

Anthony Green

Artie Vierkant

Asli Çavuşoğlu

Atau Tanaka

Aura Satz

Barry Johnston

Beatrice Gibson

Ben Owen

Benedict Drew

Bonnie Camplin

Bonnie Jones

Brandon LaBelle

Byron Westbrook

C Spencer Yeh

Cara Tolmie

Caroline Devine

Catherine Czacki

Charles Free

Charlotte Prodger

Chelpa Ferro

Chris Kraus & Robert Dewhurst

Clare Gasson

Cosey Fanni Tutti

Cynthia Zaven

Dan Fox

Darius Miksys

David Raymond Conroy

David Tibet

David Toop

Ed Atkins

Edwin Burdis

Emma Hedditch

Eric La Casa

Factory Floor

Florian Hecker

Floriano Romano


France Fiction

Francisco López

Garrett Phelan


Haegue Yang

Hanna Schwarz

Haroon Mirza

Helen Brown

Hilary Koob-Sassen

Holly Ingleton

Ida Applebroog


Jacob Kierkegaard

Jacqueline K Gordon

Jem Noble

Jesse Ash

John Akomfrah

John K. Farah

Juliette Blightman

Kian-Peng Ong

Lars Laumann & Dan-Ola Persson

Laure Prouvost

Lawrence Abu Hamdan

Lee Patterson

Liam Gillick & Corinne Jones

Lili Reynaud-Dewar

Louise K Wilson

Lucy Clout

Lucy Raven

Luke Fowler & Richard Youngs

MadeIn Company

Marcellvs L

Maria Loboda

Mariana Castillo Deball

Mark Aerial Waller

Mark von Schlegell

Matt Davies

Matthew Buckingham


Max Schneider

Meris Angioletti

Michael Dean

Michele Di Menna

My Barbarian

Naomi Kashiwagi

Nathaniel Mellors

Oscar Murillo

Oswaldo Maciá

Patricia Esquivias

Patrick Coyle

Peggy Ahwesh

Penny Slinger & Dhiren Dasu

Raydale Dower

Richard Aldrich

Richard Higlett

Richard Sides

Robert Wilhite

Rossella Biscotti

S Mark Gubb

Sabisha Friedberg

Salomé Voegelin

Samon Takahashi


Selçuk Artut

Sergei Tcherepnin

Shana Moulton

Signe Lidén

Stephen Prina

Steve Bates

Steve Roden

Steven Claydon

Stewart Home

Sue Tompkins

Tim Skinner

Torsten Lauschmann

Toshiya Tsunoda

Tris Vonna-Michell

Trisha Baga


Tyler Coburn

Tyler Friedman

Viv Corringham

Will Rogan

William Furlong

Yan Jun

Yolande Harris