• Sub Pop
  • I'm guessing they prefer the San Francisco Giants to the New York Mets

Sub Pop is over the moon about their new Canadian signing, METZ (not to be confused with the New York or French variants). I know this because two of their employees told me so. After selling their souls to the label last week—I kid, I kid—the Toronto-by-way-of-Ottowa trio has confirmed an opening slot with Brooklyn's the Men and Seattle's own Kinski at Barboza* on Friday (this is a one-off gig; their brief, albeit official American tour begins on August 24th).

In reading up on the band, I saw that they played some gigs with Mudhoney last year, and wonder if those Sub Pop veterans encouraged the signing (for what it's worth, the three-piece has also played with Nomeansno and Mission of Burma).

Bust out the Molson's and check out the raging demo for "Wet Blanket" below.

* Is it just me or does the room seem too small for this gig?

And a video shot entirely via iPhone (co-directed by singer/guitarist Alex Edkins).

After listening to the other tracks at their Bandcamp, I'm getting a bit of a Ty Segall meets feedtime vibe. Sub Pop releases METZ on October 9, 2012.