Band Names That Double As Ways I Would Like to Die*:

Trampled by Turtles (cute!)
A Rocket to the Moon (exciting!)
Tiny Vipers (awe, look at the baby snakes!)
Butterfly Explosion (so pretty!)
Die Happy (smile!)
Unicorn Dream Attack (best attack ever!)
Death by Chocolate (delicious!)

Band Names that Double As Ways I Would NOT Like to Die:

Choking on Entrails (ew!)
Brainworms (eek!)
Poop Attack (gross!)
Decapitated (oh my!)
Acid Bath (could you image!?)

*I don't WANT to die. But if I had to die, and if I got to choose the way I went out, well, you know... being trampled to death by turtles might be kind of adorable.