You’re probably aware of the phenomenon: Music that you hear blaring out of vehicles driving by or stopped at a red light rarely is anything you’d actually want to listen to. The songs are usually LCD mainstream rap or fluffy rave cheese or pop-diva trifles or molar-loosening electro or AOR warhorses you’ve already endured 19,000 times or (shudder) opera.

But this week that dismal trend was overturned, and I was stunned. First, on Sunday on Broadway, I heard T.L. Barrett’s gospel-funk classic “Like a Ship” which was the best song ever (this week) in August 2010. The second great tune I heard from a passing car (on Bellevue Ave E, fact fans) was Stereolab’s “Metronomic Underground,” the trance-funk highlight from their excellent Emperor Tomato Ketchup LP [video after the cut].

Belated blessings to those two motorists for providing unexpected sonic fulfillment. I hope these occurrences represent a good omen for the rest of 2012’s random aural auto pollution.