• Sam Miller
This Saturday at the Comet is the third and final showcase for the Crybaby 2012 Compilation. The twelve songs on the CD were each recorded and mixed in the subterranean folds of Crybaby’s studio, below the Crypt, Purr, and Grim’s on 11th Ave. All proceeds from CD sales go to benefit the family of Karl Milanoski, who passed away in an avalanche at Alpental this past February. Set times for Saturday are as follows:

Eighteen Individual Eyes - Midnight
Murals - 11pm
Royal Eyes - 10 pm
Alicia Amiri - 9:15pm

Crybaby owner, compilation producer, curator, singer/guitarist Leigh Stone spoke:

What was the process for the comp recording? How long did each band have to record? Who mixed? Were there parameters?

Stone: Each band had one day in the studio, they paid $100 to the engineer for their services. I like the control of recording every band for a compilation in the same studio so there is a consistency of sound. A few of the bands tracked EPs and came back another day to mix. Some bands concentrated on the comp song and finished it in the one day. There were three different engineers, the two in-house Crybaby engineers - Sam Miller and Justin Wilmore, and Chris Proff, who tracked You.May.Die.In.The.Desert. They booked the studio for three days to track an album.

How did the idea for the comp come about? What was the impetus?

This is the second compilation Crybaby has put out. Seattle has such a deep and thriving music scene, but it’s also a bit over saturated. This comp is a snapshot of current Seattle bands that have caught my attention.

Please talk about the benefit aspect of the comp.

A good friend of mine Karl Milanoski helped me build the studio in 2010. He died in an avalanche this past February. The proceeds of the compilation are going to his daughter, Amirah. Karl loved music but was not a musician. The last place I hung out with Karl was at The Comet, so the shows are especially meaningful to me for that reason.

What was the trickiest part of putting the comp together?

The trickiest part is that Poster Giant keeps ripping down the posters I put up to promote the show. They are jerks.

Talk about the secret track on the CD.

There are piano guts in the back of the rehearsal portion of Crybaby that people bang on and play. It resonates through the halls and is hauntingly beautiful. It had to be on the comp, so I recorded it on my iPhone one day when a tenant of mine and member of Skullbot was hammering away on it with drum sticks. Thanks, dude! It's the hidden track at the beginning of the compilation. On a CD player you can rewind it back to -13 seconds to hear it.

Who smashed a beer can on their forehead during the first showcase at the Comet on the 16th? That’s a lost art, smashing beer cans on your forehead.

Sam Miller turned the Comet into a tongue in cheek singalong of our God is an Awesome God. Halfway through, he smashed a beer can on his forehead. Whoa! He’s quite the showman, and artist. He drew the artwork for the compilation. We’re both pretty fascinated with extraterrestrials. We Believe. The posters are for sale too. The compilations are for sale at the local record stores and online, but only in CD format. You can’t download the album. The artists retain the rights to their songs and can do as they please with them. There’s something for everyone's taste on it. I really like that the Stickers song references the Puget Sound.

How much beer on average gets consumed at Crybaby per week? If you had to say?

At least 25,000 oz a week. [Laughs] There’s always someone trying to devise a way to make money off the aluminum cans down there. I’ve stopped numerous people at the door that were taking out bags of cans and said, "Is that my trash? You can't have my trash." And I make them put it back. They are always so confused. I have a system to keep the balance and people digging thru the trash just doesn't work for me.

What are some other interesting/odd Crybaby factoids?

I want to know why grown men draw dicks on the walls? That is all.