Some have laughed at him carrying cat litter, some have chuckled at him listing off his book collection. His tough guy demeanor makes the joking easy, and his spat of onstage histrionics make him a guy people love to loathe. But when it comes to the classic era of the Misfits, it can't be denied that he wrote some of the best songs ever.

Haircuts / Mullet
  • derek erdman
  • Haircuts / Mullet

My personal favorite is the second side of the Horror Business single, which includes a seamless segue between "Teenagers From Mars" and "Children In Heat." Really though, I can't think of a Misfits song that I don't like, save for the post Danzig-era stuff, which really isn't even the Misfits.

So here's our chance to decide which is the best of all of those songs. Then when future generations interweb search for their introduction to the Misfits, our list will appear and guide them gently. I personally think that Danzig's lunkhead behavior is actually a brilliant performance artist ruse which will appear as highlights on a limited edition DVD eventually.