Remember how last year I told everyone to go to What the Heck? Fest? Remember the report that former Stranger Intern Dan Oberbruner wrote about it in which he quoted an excerpt from the guidebook of Heck Fest?

“Welcome to the 2011 edition of our festival. Yes, the rumors are true: this will be the last one. This is not just a “goodbye” but also a “hello” to our future projects.”

It is true that last year was the final Heck Fest but since then everyone I know who has their hands deep into the pockets of our NW music scene has been calling it former festival name, Not What the Heck? Fest or "What? I thought they stopped doing that?!"

So, for the record, this "new" thing is called the Anacortes Unknown Music Series and it's essentially happening everywhere that it was before except the Port Warehouse (that replaced the Department of Safety after it closed) is being replaced by the desanctified church known as the Unknown.

Partial passes are $29 (doesn't get you the dinner), you can get them directly from the Unknown website, and the festival runs from 4pm on Friday the 13th until whenever you decide to leave between then and the 15th.

Here's everyone that is performing:

Dylan Carlson
Karl Blau
Mount Eerie
Ô Paon
Calvin Johnson
Lori Goldston
Bret Lunsford with Wallie Funk and Bill Mitchell
Thollem McDonas
Vanessa Renwick
Mark Baumgarten
Joe Gurba
Ashley Eriksson
Bryan, Frank & Bob
Hungry Cloud Darkening
Sleepy Lagoon
"Mikey Going Down"
Dennis Driscoll
Lovers Without Borders

I'm not attending this year for a few reasons but good fun to all those who can make it.