Make Up Your Mind: White Stripes are going to release the live recordings of their first shows. This just in, Jack White wants you to know that they "will never have a reunion, but here's a bunch of more live songs so you can keep talking about us."

Harsh: German promoters are refusing to book the Briggs because of Joey Brigg's involvement with Scientology.

America, Heck Yeah: The drummer for Ted Nugent got arrested after stealing and driving a golf cart drunk. And thanks to social networking, you can read the full report right on Bangor Maine's Police Department's Facebook page.

What Do Coldplay and Coheed and Cambria Have In Common?: Both now have comic books that are based around stories behind their albums.

Hope You Like Green Day: Not only is the group releasing three albums, but they are also planning two documentaries. The first documentary will be on the group's process with releasing three albums and the second about the group's days before signing to Warner and the release of Dookie.

Someone Needs a Chill Pill: Nicki Minaj demanded a lawn mower at her T in the Park show because the grass was too long around her trailer for her to walk. After the grass was cut, she only performed a twenty minute set. This also hailing from previous tweets this week saying that she was "overtly fondled" at the security checkpoint at the airport.

Somewhat Old News But Still Exciting: Pig Destroyer have a new album coming out!

Here's a video of Your Heart Breaks playing at Gasworks yesterday