My Mom Always Said to Be Kind to One Another: The Briggs responded to the German promoter who refused to work with them for their European tour because of the singer's ties to Scientology.

A Fun Watch: Band of Horses posted a new video for their upcoming album Mirage Rock. The song is called "Knock Knock."

The Best Five Minutes of Your Day: The new OFF! video features Dave Foley from Kids in the Hall with the video mocking one of those stereotypical "teen talk" television shows in the ’80s. Similar to that one that tried to explain what straightedge is. The video's pretty entertaining, posing as a dual music video for "Borrow and Bomb" and "I Got News for You."

You Can't Help But Sigh: Courtney Love is facing yet another lawsuit. This time from her former assistant for working over time with out compensation, being asked to hire a computer hacker, and not landing a "promised gig on a Nirvana biopic."

Someone Lend Me $600 Or a Bunch of Air Mileage: Revelation Records' 25th Anniversary in NYC announced the daily line up which looks ridiculous. Bands headlining are Texas Is the Reason, Chain of Strength, and Into Another as well as several other reuniting bands.

But Does It Have Dreds?: Bob Marley now has a "small parasitic crustacean blood feeder" named after him thanks to a marine biologist at Arkansas State University.

Kinda Cool: In Philadelphia, MxPx covered Dead Milkman's "Punk Rock Girl" with Joe Jack Talcum. It sounds exactly like how you would expect it to. I would love to hear a mash up of "Punk Rock Girl" and "Brown Eyed Girl." Who would like to volunteer?