All these years later its really something when a band like English sike heavies July reform and actually NAILS their sound as they sounded all those years ago.

YEAH...the live version "Dandelion Seeds" does sound a LOT like the 1968 single. Oh, if you wanna, dig this clip of "My Clown" from the same night.

July were a group of fellers who were actually a club/R&B band, the Tomcats, but after returning to London from a long stint in Spain, and a line-up change, they became July. They were active for only about a year but recorded a now real hard to find LP, one of the top ten UK sike LPs no less, in that time. And if you have time they do have four new tracks on Bandcamp. Um, their new studio recordings however, sound a bit (ahem) '80s rather than period like the above live action. Maybe the new songs sound better in context live?! Maybe.