Holy whoa, here's an entire blistering Fall set from the Bend Sinister era. Great sound and video for an audience recording, though the person holding the camera seems somewhat fixated on Brix. Then again, what Fall fan at that time wasn't? This show was recorded on the same day as the Fall's second Janice Long Session.

You can't really argue with the Mark E. Smith, Brix Smith, Craig Scanlon, Steve Hanley, Simon Rogers, and Simon Wolstencroft line-up. Highlights include "Mark'll Sink Us," "Lucifer over Lancashire," and a late version of "Fiery Jack." Oh, what am I talking about, they're all brilliant.

Here's a bonus photo of me + Mark E. Smith from 1993. Look at that giant cable knit sweater I'm wearing!

  • wendi koontz

H/T: Howard Hamilton, a fellow Fall fan to the max.