The sun rises everyday on the mistake by the lake. The murky waters of the Cuyahoga River ooze into Lake Erie, the shallowest and most dangerous of the Great Lakes. The waters mix and then Lake Erie vomits legions of dead carp and steelhead onto it's plastic garbage covered shores. It feels like heaven on the street where nobody lives.

Seattle's best (coffee) Tacocat is currently on a brief east coast tour with Philly's best (cheesesteak) Slutever. After stepping off of a plane into the clutches of the rest of the country's balmy weather, Emily could only remark, "...the hot Philly air makes me feel like I just peed my pants in the best possible way."

There's a pizza restaurant in Cleveland called Happy's, the Yelp reviews aren't exactly glowing. Yelp user Daniel B. ends his review, "VERY GHETTO and VERY HORRIBLE!!!! STAY AWAY!!!" Although I'm from Cleveland, I've never heard of the place until Emily Nokes brought it up over text message, "This Greek salad is mostly just fist sized chunks of feta cheese."

  • emily nokes

It's important to eat healthy on the road. Though expensive, Babybel brand cheese discs are a natural and convenient snack. Leleh Maupin keeps hers from melting by draping them over the air conditioner vent.

  • lelah maupin

Aside from rust and people in sweat suits, Cleveland has cats. Here's a photo of one from the 71st Door punk house. I remember the area of 71st and Chester being pretty gnarly. After I ask, Emily describes the area as desolate and dark. There was a band called Liquor Store before TacocaT. We both discussed how they'd be hard to look up on the internet. "HELLO CLEVELAND, WE ARE YAHOO GOOGLE!" I just looked them up, it took five seconds to find them.


Further dispatches from the TacocaT twitter account:

"my favorite was the talk dirty to me challenge where they hooked his dick up to a bone-o-meter"
"why was that guy pointing at our van? Now I'm just worried there's a guy with a hook on the roof or something"
"okay laugh it up right now, because the nicknames 'lumpy' and 'tuna foot' expire today."
"I hate to say it, but this Lisa Frank app is the worst. It's really slow and frustrating and I don't know how work it."
"Should I put this Jersey Shore sticker on my bass or what?"

  • emily nokes

TacocaT traded a CD for admission into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. They brushed their teeth in the bathroom. There's currently a Grateful Dead exhibit at the museum, but not much was said about the visit. What does the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame do with all of the CDs they get as admission? I'm working reception at Sub Pop as I type this, and some guy just asked if he could drop off his band's CD in person. I told him that I would take it and that I don't really have any sort of influence. He told me that he was "old school" and wanted to hand it off in person. He should be coming in shortly. He said it was a "million seller."

  • emily nokes

Members of TacocaT ultimately enjoyed Cleveland, Ohio. Baltimore was deemed the "craziest" city so far. After playing at the punk house, TacocaT & Slutever slept in a building that was once a funeral home. The girl hosting them has a Morrissey tattoo on her arm. "Can I ask her questions about Morrissey?" I texted Emily. She replied maybe later, if there was time. Soon they were all asleep after watching Wayne's World 2. The girl least likely to, indeed.

  • emily nokes