Everybody knows the Rivingtons, RIGHT? C'mon, "Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow?!" Hello?! Yes?! No?! IS THIS THING ON?! The Rivingtons were a long running black vocal group from Los Angeles. They had a huge catalog, and an equally huge influence on rock 'n' roll as their career spanned decades, several labels, and a couple different monikers (they also recorded as the Sharps and the Crenshaws.) In their early '60s R&B... um, sing-a-long silliness is indeed a cannon. For instance, if not for their "The Bird's The Word," the Trashmen would have had a REAL hard time making "Surfin' Bird." With that considered, they are easily (almost) as important as Richard Berry and his "Louie Louie." Gosh, it's got me thinking: it doesn't seem much like it now, but all points before, say, the year 2000, BLACK R&B counted for almost everything in garage rock. Anyways, for all their genius and influence, I'll always chose to spin their song, "I Love You Always" first. It's a real sweet love song.