The bad news is, Travis Barker of Blink-182 upside-down-drumming fame has decided to stop smoking weed. The great news is that a Blink-182 cover band called Silly Goose will be opening the Cha Cha Block Party show on Saturday!

Light googling tells me Silly Goose is Jenn Ghetto of Carissa’s Wierd with Thomas Wright and Jeffy Montano of Grand Archives. A hot tip also reveals that that Jenn handles Tom DeLonge's vocals. Which begs the question, who will handle the Mark Hoppus vocals? Are they even handle-able? I also found evidence of a few past shows and asked Luke Beetham of Pony Time what it was like to play with them:

EN: "You played with Silly Goose! Was it good? What songs did they play??"

LB: "I can't say. The one opportunity I had to see them, I had to hold Jen Ghetto's dog outside so she could play."

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So there you have it. At least 15% of The Stranger music staff is really looking forward to this.