What Everyone is Talking About: Last night Refused played on television for the first time. Not to be a spoiler, but expect some hand clapping and a back flip towards the end.

Thanks, Now I Have to Get a New Record Shelf: Bikini Kill is going to reissue their entire catalog under their own label Bikini Kill Records.

Really Looking Forward to This: Dave Grohl finally has a preview to his documentary on the Sound City studio. You can also see the studio's famous board highlighted in an interview with Dave, Krist Novoselic, and Butch Vig.

N'SYNC Would Never Do This: Backstreet Boys are coming back together to perform on Good Morning America on August 31st and are currently working on a new album for their 20th anniversary.

The Song is Still Not That Good: Billie Joe Armstrong was speaking about Green Day's first single off the upcoming ¡Uno! album. He was explaining how the song is about love and "shooting a little bit more from the crotch area" and your heart rather than the brain.

Admittance Is the First Step: DeadMau5 comes clean and admits that he sold out as an artist by writing a dubstep song. He also mentions how much he hates club drugs at shows and how "watching kids get carried out by paramedics over the front railing" sometimes makes him want to just stop the show.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Patti: Flea from Red Hot Chilli Peppers will be releasing a solo EP titled Helen Burn's featuring vocals from Patti Smith. The EP will be released with a pay-as-you-want model with proceeds going towards the Silverlake Conservatory of Music.

A Reason to Clean out your Parent's Garage: The Who is honoring tickets from a 1979 cancelled show, if you can still find your ticket.