This morning I fell down a YouTube rabbit hole after listening to Kool A.D.'s new "freestyle" over that new beat by Kanye West "Kid Frost," then thinking about the real Kid Frost, Cypress Hill and other rap tapes I used to listen to with my cousins from my Mom's side on family trips to glorious Grandview, WA. One of the cassettes in constant rotation was Seattle OG Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1988 classic Swass, the first track of which "Buttermilk Biscuits" I had always pictured being rapped by the Purple Bart Simpson, for some reason.

This of course led me to watch the video for Swass' second track, the Rand-McNally-recognized "Posse On Broadway," and kind of trip about how there used to be a Taco Bell on Broadway and Dunkin Donuts on MLK & Rainier, where a Starbucks now evilly lurks. I can never hear "Posse" without thinking of E-40's 1999 remake "Big Ballin' With My Homies," but I almost forgot that the video for it KINDA RULES.

Yes, that's Oakland-born Gary Payton, at that time still starting Point Guard for the Sonics (RIP, but maybe not for long), driving the black Bentley convertible ($337 THOUSAND BIG ONES) with 40-Water in the passenger seat. Lugz and FUBU apparel are everywhere. The song itself is a pristine example of 40's signature rubbery flow, complete with those mumbles and shrill "BIAATCH" adlibs. Plus: "PANTS SAGGIN/LOOK LIKE I DONE DOOKIED ON MYSELF."

Seriously, for all the crappy "Smells Like Teen Spirit" covers out there, has there even been a better remake of a nationally-known Seattle song?