I got lost in a Facebox k-hole a few weeks ago and eventually found myself looking at some drawings of Duran Duran made by Cleveland native Laura D'Allessandro. I excitedly wrote her asking if I could post them, but she didn't write back until yesterday, explaining that she has a new baby. Those li'l critters probably take up a lot of time!

When she responded, I couldn't help but grill her on her love for Duran Duran. She told me that she made the drawings when she was 11 or 12 years of age, and that her favorite member had been John Taylor when she was younger but switched to Simon Le Bon as she got older. She also admitted that she'd dream of Duran Duran while getting cavities filled and that she and her friends each had gold lockets with pictures of "the prettiest boys in rock." When asked which record was her favorite, she dodged the question by responding, "Every one was a treasure."

  • laura D'allessandro

  • laura D'allessandro

Thanks, Laura!