Looks like a crane kick to me.
  • Looks like a crane kick to me.

I was excited to see Hot Bodies in Motion because I've always loved their name and they reportedly deliver on it, but I've never actually seen them live. Rumor has it that their audiences get sweaty in a sexytimes kind of way, and it's hot out, and I've had a margarita, and it was about time for that kind of thing. Hooray! They are lovely!

First off, they wore sherbet-colored shirts. YES. Second, they have top-notch harmonies, which is always a good thing. A beach ball appeared and was batted around, band members dodging it cheerfully when required. The audience was cuuuute! And so were HBIM. I have this theory, stick with me: Has it occurred to anyone else that attractive people are fun to look at, but they are even more fun to look at when they are playing musical instruments? I will continue to scientifically test this.

The most excellent things: Intraband eye contact! Smiling a lot! (I have no time for people who play music and look really bummed about it the whole time. Get outta here.) Smiling while making intraband eye contact! Seeming really surprised and delighted that your audience is so into your music! A whole bunch of non-Seattle-style dancing people! (By which I mean they were getting some air, no feet-planted hands-in-pockets business.) The hilarities of Bass Face vs. Guitar Face! The time the guitarist said, "Girls, I'm gonna get out of the way for a second so you can take a picture" when he introduced the now-shirtless drummer! All the people eating popsicles! (You are so smart.) When the guitarist climbed up on the tiny fence thing and totally did not fall down! (Sample audience quotes: "I thought he was gonna eat shit." "MAD balance.") The bass player's hair! The bass player's bass-playing! The general mood of happiness that consumed the crowd in a most summertime kind of way! YAY!

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Bass face!
  • Bass face!