If you’re healing from one or many Capitol Hill Block Party induced ailments this Monday, I’ve got some music that may help you through. Song Sparrow Research are Seattle chamber pop rockers independently releasing their second (self titled) album this week.

Lead singer Hamilton Boyce is no stranger to recording songs, at his old alma mater Garfield High he played in the Jazz Band, while childhood friend and bass player David Balatero contributed to the schools Orchestral Choir. While attending U-dub Hamilton studied evolutionary biology, making field recordings of Song Sparrows for a year straight. The goal was to track the interactions and sounds made between birds, and all this experience certainly influences his latest work.

Song Sparrow Research's quintet of musicians reaches orchestral proportions through the interplay of multiple instruments to include some plucky electric bass work, cello backing, synthesizer sounds, Boyce’s own moody vocals, and a ton of glockenspiel (oh the glockenspiel) for an atmospheric tone. You’d think a bunch of symphonic arrangements by a birdwatcher from the Northwest would cloud up and grey over like the Seattle sky, but Boyce must also possess some knowledge of the miracle of flight, because this album soars the whole way through.

Song Sparrow Research has a record release party this Thursday, July 26th at 8pm at the Columbia City Theater.

Check out the short film/video they made for the first track off the new album, which basically says what I did without any stupid words: