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Similar to this post, the official Kurt Cobain grocery joke list below:

"What was on Kurt's shopping list? A gelato, and some drano, a burrito, and Doritos..." - Ryan Duncan

"Kurt walks up to a store attendant and asks, "Where do you guys keep the... oh, never mind" - Pat Jandro

"What flavor crackers does Kurt Cobain like to top with cheese? On a plain." - Derek Erdman

"Safeway's opening up a new mini-section called Smells Like Wines and Spirits." - Mike Force

"Kurt picks up a can of kidney beans (for Frances) at Safeway, says, "This is dumb, I don't wanna have to drain you. I'll just buy in bulk at Hole Foods." - Sarah Moody

"Crêpe me." - Emily Nokes

"Polly wants a cracker. Well tell her to go to the Safeway and get some herself." - Carlee McManus

"Why wasn't Kurt proud of Frances Bean's pastry making skills? Because she should have Cinn-a-bon." - Jessica Oliver

"Guys this is stupid, don't milk it for all it's worth." - Slamantharina Marantha Webvin

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"What did Kurt Cobain like to put on a plain bagel? Heart-shaped lox." - Amy Dials

"Why did Kurt Cobain order a Safeway sandwich platter for his kitchen staff? A: He wanted to serve the servants." - Derek Erdman

"Kurt broke a jar of pickles and when the guy came to wipe it up, he was all apologies." - Ryan Duncan

"Why was it so hard for Kurt to cook Mexican seafood? There just always seemed to be something in the way of his finding a scentless apprentice behind the meat counter." - Jessica Oliver

"I'm so happy, 'cause today I found my friends, in aisle ten." - Dan Korn

"Why was Kurt shopping in the cleaning aisle? Because he had a stain that he wanted to remove with bleach!" - Derek Erdman

"Why is Kurt Cobain even at the grocery store? I thought he was anorexorcist?" - Slamantharina Marantha Webvin

"Grape me." - Emily Nokes

"Frances Bean has been shopping At the grocery store since she was in utero." - Carlee McManus

"Kurdt couldn't decide what kind of clothing iron to buy in the kitchen section and there was a Christian person trying to help him and he just said, 'Jesus doesn't want me for a Sunbeam' so he got the Black & Decker instead." - David Williams

"What's Kurt Cobain's favorite soda? VERY grAPE." - Jessica Oliver

"Sit and drink Venti Zen iced tea." - Dan Korn