After watching Shut Up And Play The Hits last Wednesday at Cinerama, which turns out to be just a really good place to see and hear a concert film, I tumbld about how it was appropriate, but too bad, that it was a one night only engagement. Chronicling LCD Soundsystem's final show at Madison Square Garden and bandleader James Murphy's groggy morning after, Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace's exceptional documentary will certainly be snapped up on DVD by fans hungry for hours of bonus footage, but I have a feeling that it might be just a little less amazing on a smaller screen with less powerful speakers surrounded by fewer fellow fans.

Luckily, however, mirroring the band's own addition of four "pre-final" shows at Terminal 5 (that let the likes of me see them in the wake of the MSG sendoff ticket vacuum), the film is getting nineteen afterglow screenings at SIFF Cinema this weekend (to let the likes of you see the film in the wake of the film's critical adoration).

The movie's already spawned its share of smart thinkpieces, recollections, reviews, and remembrances; so rather than blathering too much about the film's many charms I'll just say that everything else about it was so great—the exceptional photography, vibrant concert footage, scenes of emo James Murphy padding around his apartment and the city with an adorable french bulldog—that it survived the presence of a blathering Chuck Klosterman interview. Watching it, I found myself missing LCD Soundsystem’s balance of detached sentimentality and weary nostalgia wrapped up in dancey humanist rock, yet as sad as it is that they quit, the decision is seeming bigger, bolder, and even more correct.

Go see it! It would be kind of depressing if these additional screenings turn out to be ghost towns.

(Thanks to Another Rainy Saturday for the heads-up about the SIFF screenings.)