Linda's Tavern holds its third annual Linda's Fest Sat. Aug. 18 in its back parking lot. The lineup includes CHBP standout Reignwolf, Nightmare Fortress, Grave Babies, Trash Fire, and Walking Papers. Solid rock action through and through.

Press release and Nightmare Fortress video after the cut.

Even though it took until just now for our bodies to replenish our electrolytes after last year's blowout, we here at Linda's Tavern shook out the boozy cobwebs and curated a doozy of a FREE rock party for you! On Saturday, August 18th, Linda's Tavern proudly presents the Third Annual Linda's Fest, featuring:

Blues legend Robert Johnson famously met the Devil at the crossroads to trade his soul for some hot new guitar licks. Saskatoon's own blues lord, Reignwolf, has nonchalantly been trading mixtapes back and forth with Satan for the last few years. The Devil took note of Reignwolf's musical bad-assery, deeming his doom-drenched blues-punk riffage to be the most powerful force on the planet outside of Chuck Norris' quadriceps. In recent days, Satan has decided to trade HIS OWN soul to Reignwolf in exchange for a one-hour guitar lesson every second Tuesday of the month. Pretty good deal for the Devil if you ask us.
Rising from the digital ashes of Sleepy Eyes of Death, Nightmare Fortress features the haunting-yet-beautiful vocal stylings of Alicia Amiri (Lovesick Empire). No matter what time of day it is, the music of Nightmare Fortress will make you feel like it is 4:30 a.m. and the pleasure centers of your brain have been wrung dry since you have been up all night with your friends doing awesome/crazy/evil shit that you pray your parents never find out about. Imagine losing your virginity while hearing Depeche Mode and Nine Inch Nails write the score to a John Carpenter film.
Walking Papers is a brand-new rock project featuring Barrett Martin on drums (Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Tuatara) and Jeff Angell on guitar and vocals (Post-Stardom Depression, the Missionary Position). They have been described as "if Mick, Keith, and Tom Waits went down to the early Zeppelin rehearsals and sat in a few songs." After seeing them, you will immediately decide that your Black Keys albums are better off lining the bottoms of local dumpsters and that carving "Walking Papers" into your forearm Slayer-style is the BEST IDEA EVER.
Fuzzed out and scuzzed out, Grave Babies are gonna shred Linda's Fest in style with a blast of spooky garage punk noise. Imagine Thee Oh Sees and Sisters of Mercy drinking tequila shots with bath salt rims at a love commune while birthing an anthropomorphic leather jacket that was raised on a steady diet of Sonic Youth and Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music. We can't wait!
Trash Fire is a punk explosion of Pop Rocks and Mountain Dew shaken up in your cavity-stricken mouth while you dance the pogo. Fresh off their Capitol Hill Block Party debut, these fellas will spill their beer everywhere and finish your drink while you’re in the bathroom.
Linda’s Fest will GO OFF in the Linda’s Tavern back parking lot, but that doesn't mean your friend who lives on Olive won't have his face melted via astral projection. The festivities will be from 6-10 pm, but if you wanna stick around for a few more beers afterwards, we're not gonna be mad at you. Food and drink specials along with our regular menu? Of course!! We're a Nice Place for Nice People and that's why you're invited.