I stumbled upon my first Family Fodder single in a budget bin at Dave's Records (the 2nd Hand Tunes) in Chicago. It had been marked down to 49ยข and looked like it had been there for years. I have no idea how it escaped somebody's clutches, but encounters like that are what make the cheap racks important.

The single was for "Film Music" and I played it over and over again. It's odd post punk, with some sort of jazz elements, but it's compelling and driving in a manic way. Soon I realized that Unrest covered "Deborah Harry" (turning it into "Winona Ryder") and that there were other great songs in the band's catalog.

Deborah Harry I'm having your baby
Help me to live in a life without slavery
Help me to squander my love indirectly, honey
Help me to live in a world without money
Help me live with your small imperfections, honey
She's a small mobile intelligent unit
Got what it takes and she knows how to use it
Bankers and agents can't find her door exactly
Men try to kiss her and get no reaction

Family Fodder started in 1979 and is still together today. They released an LP called Classical Music in 2010. Their output is hit-or-miss, but when they're great, they're really great. Links to my favorite tracks below.