Whoa, did you know there is a Queer Rock Camp going on in Olympia right now? And they have workshops for campers ages 12-21 on stenciling, drag, songwriting and guitar/drum/bass/vocal lessons? (It's kind of hard to curb how super jealous I am that these awesome kids/girls/queer rock camps are around nowadays—when I was a teenager I wasted so much time thinking that to be in a band, you had to be a guy who got guitar lessons and knew how to play sweet Led Zeppelin covers).

The campers go through workshops, form bands, and write an original song, which culminates in a performance showcase at the Capitol Theater in downtown Olympia this Saturday. Visit the Queer Rock Camp website for more details!

This porcupine on lead vocals is CUTE
  • This porcupine on lead vocals is CUTE