Well, well, wellington: it's your lucky day. Here's your chance to win two tickets to the La Sera show tomorrow at Barboza. Take a friend! Take a foe! Take a date! Take a bro!


La Sera is Katy Goodman (+ pals), who is the best part of Vivian Girls. If you're not familiar with La Sera, there are some Wall of Sound elements, delightful vocals and sometimes spooky melodies. Oh, just have a listen to this and fall in love with it.

As a bonus, Magic Trick is playing! That's Tim Cohen from the Fresh & Onlys. Magic Trick has a fairly new record out called Ruler of the Night. Lacey Swain called it "the best record I've heard in years," but she knows Tim Cohen pretty well and works for the label related to the release of that record so...OH GOD, JUST DO THE MATH. Magic Trick is great, Tim Cohen has written a mountain of excellent songs.

As a double bonus, Jagjaguwar's Foxygen is playing as well. I'm wasn't familiar with them, so I watched the video for "Make it Known" and decided that it sounds like excellent crazy people music and I'm probably going to watch this video 15 more times today. I'm not even joking, it's fucking awesome. As one of the YouTube comments states, "finally a new indie band with some goddamn creativity!" Since I've been typing this I've already listened to it three more times.

How do you win these tickets? Simply be the first person to email tickets@thestranger.com and put into the subject line of your message, "I WANT THOSE LA SERA TICKETS." Use all caps. It has to be all caps. If you see me at the show, give me a high ten!

UPDATE: The tickets have been won! Thanks for playing.