The preposterously prolific person behind the great Anonymous records out of Portland in the last few years (see here and here) has just released a new batch of great new songs with an actual band name. I'm not sure if this release will be available on vinyl like the others, but the provided cover image continues with the beautiful + damaged Photoshop filter theme.


True, there is an actual band name, but the record just seems to be called *. I've italicized that according the the Stranger's style guidelines, but I'm not sure if you can tell.

The songs are just as great as the Anonymous records. There's an electronic element creeping in with this latest batch, the vocals and lyrics are still inventive and the music is still steeped in echo. There's a symphonic art damage vibe as well. Have a listen to the lead off track below, and dig into the rest of it over here.

I've never met this person, he seems to be rather reclusive. I really hope that he continues making this music as often as he does.