Gerard Cosloy's résumé regarding important music is long and varied. He started the brilliant zine Conflict as a youth. He probably saw the Freeze and the Proletariat more than a few times, but I'm just guessing on that one. He hung out with G.G. Allin, ran Homestead Records, is part owner of Matador Records, and runs an extremely celebrated sports-heavy blog called Can't Stop The Bleeding.

Yesterday on that blog he referred to Seattle's historic Kingdome as something "hardly anyone misses."


When I first read his post, my mouth dropped open in disbelief, causing Starbucks to dribble all over my North Face fleece. Then I remembered somebody telling me that the Kingdome was a total dump that was prone to drop concrete chunks on your head. Which begs raises the question, "Is Gerard Cosloy right? Does hardly anybody miss the Kingdome?"