Tré Cool is such a cool name. A very cool name. Just kidding, it's THE WORST (okay, not the worst—looking at you the Edge). Anyway, let me back up. Tré Cool's real name is Frank Edwin Wright III and he is the drummer for Green Day. In 1994, they released Dookie and no one knows what they've been up to ever since. UNTIL NOW. Green Day recently announced they will be releasing three albums in four months. Guess what they're going to call them? ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and...oh man...¡Tré!

Oooooho ho ho I get it! Each album will feature a different band member's face on the cover, in that snot topic sort-of-punk-but-not-really-because-computer style. GUESS WHOSE FACE WILL BE ON THE THIRD ONE?

Sorry so cranky today, Green Day. I really did love Dookie and that one time you opened for Blink-182.