...but only if you have absolutely nothing else to do, and I'm serious. It sounds like shit (or 'shite', since it happened on the BBC) and it's a total and complete waste of your time; it's almost a metaphor for most of the rap I hear. Anyway, you can listen to it here.

I will say this, though: It's Rocky's epihany—where his seeing the Foster the People's stupid video* pulls him out of his money trance, showing him that he can be himself and have fun with his career—that resounded with me. I had kind of a similar one when I saw a video for a band just as dumb, the Spin Doctors. Seeing those dudes have fun and throw paint on each other made me understand that I didn't have to just eat, and abide by the bullshit being fed to me through rap of the time, that I could have fun, love life, and be myself. That was An Important Moment for me.

*Yes, I am aware that ASAP does not seem aware of what the dumb song is about