As Madonna's name gets linked more to words like "swastika" and "arms," and less to words like "influential" and "groundbreaking," it gets harder and harder to remember that the woman was (is?) a pretty kick ass pop star with a catalog of songs that have inspired decades of fellow musicians, songwriters, teenagers, dancers, and breathing humans.

There are literally eight gajillion Madonna covers in the world and a lot of them are boring, bored, or bad. But in that list of (now) nine gajillion Madonna covers, there are some really, really great ones.

Surely you remember Flaming Lips and Stardeath and White Dwarfs' six-minute long cover of "Borderline" from 2009. It's explosive and great. My favorite comes from retired music weirdo Atom and His Package, who covers "Open Your Heart to Me" on Redefining Music. I might like it more than the original—it's so fun and goofy and I love how he rewrites the line to say "Fuckface, I have something to say!" He also works in a Ghostbusters reference. Well done, sir. And both Ciccone Youth and Eric's Trip have some trippy and fuzzy efforts.

(Mild complaint: Why has no one done a really fantastic cover of "Cherish"? WHY? Someone do this!)

Anyway, for no reason at all, in the battle of the not-shitty, not-predictable Madonna covers, which one is your favorite?