After a short job hunt, I recently managed to fulfill a lifelong dream of working as a fill-in receptionist. Drawing ducks and making telephone raps all day at home can begin to drive a person mad, so I'd always imagined that part time phone greetings would be a nice break from the isolation. I somehow wrangled a receptionist job at Sub Pop! All of the people who work there are wonderfully nice. Interesting people come in all of the time. Last week I was filmed for an Australian TV show highlighting Seattle. When the interviewer asked me if they ever made me clean the toilet, I replied, "Yes, I'm cleaning the toilet right now!" Then I frowned. Then we both laughed! Also, 4/10ths of my hourly wage goes to a parking meter because I'm too lazy to ride my bike.

Hello, how I may can help you?
  • "Hello, how I may can help you?"

Most of my day today was spent numbering the last 975 Macklemore 7"s covers for the picture disc single "Same Love." I'd numbered the first 1,025 at the beginning of the week. Ruben from Hardly Art walked by and asked me if I was autographing them as Macklemore, which was such a good idea that I promptly made 15 copies that said #1/2000. I didn't really do that! I did have a hibiscus Refresher from Starbucks and listened to Killing Joke on YouTube the whole time. YouTube is the best record store in Seattle!


The highlight of my day is phone calls, for sure. I spent a half hour on the phone today with a woman who claimed to currently be involved with Robert Plant in a "federal lawsuit." She claimed that he had been using radar and music to stalk her for years. She also claimed that Kurt Cobain wrote an article about her in 1988 when she opened a Patagonia store in downtown Seattle and that he later wrote the song "Lithium" about a mirror that she had in her house. She also noted that she was working with Fort Lewis to get a metal roof installed on her "barn-style Craftsman" to deflect satellite beams. She seemed like a particularly nice person and I hope to interview her about things from the future, in the future.

Adventures From the Front Desk will probably be a regular dispatch. Let me know if you have suggestions. When I find a box of "Love Buzz" singles, we'll have a party at Than Bros and I'll pass them out to everybody.