I'm currently obsessed with the band Killing Joke, and spent most of the morning reading about their apocolypse-fearing trip to Iceland in 1982. Singer Jaz Coleman (who is currently missing) decided to quit the band after their third LP (1982's Revelations) and hid out from the end of the world (?!) in Iceland, with other band members soon to follow. Eventually, the world didn't end and they re-formed Killing Joke and recorded Fire Dances the next year.


But all of that is beside the point, because what I want to talk about is this fucked-up private documentary of the Xclusiv Nightclub in Batley, West Yorkshire from 1984. According to the YouTube notes, the video was commissioned by Annie and Pete Swallow, who managed the Xclusiv Nightclub. It's done in a investigative journalist style, with a phony reporter asking wonderfully inane questions and a ton of vintage footage of goons with giant rooster haircuts. It's two hours long and copies of the video were apparently sold to club patrons for £2.

There are gobs of highlights, ranging from Annie Swallow's smashing fashion, the DJ's in-between song banter, and dizzy English youths flailing their arms and writhing like malfunctioning robots. There's also nearly indecipherable interview answers.

The best part of the whole video is a woman in a David Bowie t-shirt (she loves David Bowie) who dances like she's auditioning for Cats on Broadway. Usually in the shadows is a forlorn punker in a leather jacket who's obviously in love with her, but the video doesn't confirm if they found each other on that dance floor. The nearly choreographed rendition of "Life on Mars?" at the end is absolutely stunning.

You can watch the whole thing below. It's two hours long. If you ignore the speed limit, you can drive to Vancouver in two hours.