I love any and all mellotron. So, obvs, I lerve the Zombies using a mellotron as the melodic spine on this easy tripper, "Hung Up On a Dream." SHEESH!

The mellotron is an organ that uses pre-recorded tape strips to make its sound. You just gotta press a key and a tape plays a chosen sound (kinda) like "strings" or "horns" or whatever. Uh, kinda, but not like a Wurlitzer. I dig it cause it gave some late ’60s rock some very cool shades of sound. However, at the time it was more of a studio only instrument as it was a bit of a pain to transport; it was easily knocked out of tune and the tapes could be somewhat temperamental. Still, GODAMN, it sounded cool. Y'all prog nerds and sike dorks (should) all know about the mellotron, but for the rest of y'all here, watch this intro video from the creators of the instrument, or dig Mike Pinder, from the Moody Blues, give a short explanation as you watch mellotron tape strips at work!