This e-mail just landed in my inbox:

New music for you: Fifty Shades of Grey - The Classical Album

EMI Classics will release Fifty Shades of Grey - The Classical Album, a 15-track album featuring classical music personally selected by author E L James herself and referenced in her bestselling Fifty Shades book trilogy. The album will be available in the U.S. and Canada digitally on August 21st and in CD format on September 18th. The album will be released internationally in both formats on September 17th.

Is this the worst piece of mail I've received? Maybe! What a pointless, money-grabbing load of poop. "Listen to these pieces of classical music while reading my horrifically written pseudo erotica!"* The album includes (to name a few) Bach, Debussy, Chopin, and Verdi. You know, you can listen to classical music without the help of an insipid novel.

Stephanie Meyer did this, too. She released a list of songs she hears in her head while reading Twilight (Coldplay! Linkin Park! David Gray! Collective Soul! Barf!). And L. Ron Hubbard went a step further, making his own book soundtrack for Battlefield Earth (book expert Paul Constant tells me the album is called Space Jazz, it was released in 1982).

But maybe I'm just being cranky. I should appreciate that books and music are colliding in such a way. I'd love to see more authors supply playlists that could go along with their words. Wouldn't that be great, if all your favorite books came with the option to buy an accompanying soundtrack, carefully chosen by the author? I would love that! But for now, why is it always the bad books that come with (mostly) bad music!?

That said, Fifty Shades of Grey and some classical music isn't the worst thing in the world, I suppose. Certainly there are worse books that would supply worse soundtracks. Let's take a poll!

And when you're done voting, which books do you think would have a totally wonderful soundtrack?

*FWIW: I haven't read the whole book, just a few passages. They were terrible.