There isn't much out there about YouTube rapping sensation Krispy Kreme and his straight-faced sidekick Money Maker Mike. They claim to be from Alabama, they love guns, Mac Miller, Tupac, and Eminem, and their homemade rap videos have racked up several million views. They sit in trees, on motorcycles, and in front of chain-link fences singing about making out with girls and having stacks of money. Sometimes Krispy Kreme appears to have snot and/or sweat glistening on his upper lip.

The lyrics are so bad, that it seems obvious that they're fucking with us: "I bet you sleep with a nightlight / 'cause you're scared of the dark / 'case you smell like a fart." And: "I have 400 cars / I have 400 scars and 400 guitars / I have 400 houses / I have 400 mouses and 400 houses."

Yeah, he rhymed houses with houses.

But KK's deadpan delivery in every single video has made it nearly impossible to know if it's a really well-done parody or accidental comedy genius from some kind of dumb but charming kid. The act has also bled over into his Wikipedia page, Twitter feed, and non-rap videoblogs (here, he sobs while talking about following his dreams).

I mean, of course it's a joke! It's so bad, that it has to be a joke, right? But I would've said the same about Rebecca Black and we all know that turned out to be 100% for real. Rebecca Black has ruined my bullshit detector.

Well, turns out it is a joke. Internet detectives uncovered Krispy Kreme's real name, Tyler Cassidy, and found out he was the valedictorian of his high school in Michigan. He's not dumb, he's not from Alabama, and he doesn't have 400 houses.

His videos are still hilarious, but I'm kind of sad that I can no longer be fascinated by the possibility of it being legit. Now that the secret's out, does it ruin anything for you?