Only 100? The eminence behind The DJ Gospel must've been in a charitable mood. Anyway, he/she has compiled 100 reasons why you make his/her time behind the decks miserable. Peruse and act accordingly.

Here are the ones with which I sympathize or despise most:

15. Your requests aren't any where near the format the DJ plays.
22. You make silly poses at the DJ like you are DJing.
27. You keep trying to tell the DJ your life story while we are mixing.
34. You spill a drink on the DJ equipment.
51. You don't know the song just the number on the CD.
54. Your idea of good music isn't.
70. Your requests are more like demands.
98. You ask the DJ to play something you can dance to.

Maybe the DJs out there in Line Out land can add some pet peeves that didn't make it into the horrible hundred.