One of Seattle's most interesting guitarists, Sean Curley, is playing the Josephine tonight. If you're out Ballard way, check the man's technique, which is fantasique. Below is a blurb I wrote about Curley in the May 22 Up & Coming section:

You may know guitarist Sean Curley through his band the Midget, which he and wife Amber Rossino have turned into one of the city's most engaging krautrock/space-pop outfits. On his own, Curley delves into more introspective, abstract compositional modes. Over three albums, including the great new Sean Curley (out in September), he uses a looper to extract an array of textural anomalies and peculiarities from his guitar. Curley makes his instrument sigh, sparkle, ululate, and do other odd things that you might recognize from the work of six-string mavericks like Robert Fripp, Vini Reilly, or Snakefinger. While the technique is phenomenal, Curley also imbues his music with great emotional sensitivity. From rococo, manic, needlepoint-precise arabesques to beatific drones, Curley keeps things fascinating and oblique.

Listen to some Sean Curley music here and get more info on tonight's show here.