I'll admit to not being a fan of Sublime and not knowing much at all about their music. This friendly chap in a Sublime shirt agreed to let me take his picture at the U-District Petco when I told him that I like to take photos of people in band shirts at businesses and then make jokes that relate the band and the business (see here and here).

40 oz. of bedding to freedom.
  • 40 oz. of bedding to freedom.

He and his friend both seemed a little confused, which is understandable. Regardless, here's the official Sublime pet store joke list:

"What did the customer reply when asked what kind of animal food he was shopping for? An iguana, is what I got."

"Why was the Rasta parrot owner denied a Petco credit card? Because Petco knows that Jah Won't Pay the Bills."

"Why did Bradley Nowell come back from the dead to go to Petco? Because Lou Dog was hungry, duh!"

Are there more Sublime pet shop jokes? There must be more.