[I’ll Give You a Break is a sporadic series of posts highlighting obscure (and not so obscure) breakbeats in unlikely places, so that they may be sampled by producers or just enjoyed for their own geeky purposes. NB: Don’t forget to clear all samples through the proper channels (cough).]

It’s deeply unfashionable to sample the Guess Who, which is why I highly recommend you do so. Start with “8:15” from the American Woman LP, which you can probably find for under $10 in any used bin in the country. The sections in “8:15” from 1:28-1:34 and from 2:56-3:00 should give you solid slices of Canadian-rock funk with which to build something headnodworthy. Winnipeg’s finest have several other cuts worth plundering, but let’s not press our luck with multiplatinum hitmakers, shall we?