To Russia with Love: Bjork likes Pussy (Riot)! Dedicates an album to the imprisoned band, Pussy Riot and to freedom of speech.

Cray Cray: Insane Clown Posse has beef with the Feds accusing them of being a gang.

Freud Would Be Proud: Upcoming release from Neurosis, their 11th to date.

Help Noah: A father's musical plea for help to raise money to treat his 11-month-old son's malignant brain tumor.

Blunderbuss: Jack White goes solo at WAMU Theatre.

The Hits Keep on Coming: Green Day is at it again with a trio of upcoming releases and their debut video "Oh Love."

Have You Seen Me?: Killing Joke's frontman, Jaz Coleman was presumed missing for almost a month, turns out he was just hanging out in the Sahara desert.