There's an overwhelming feeling of betrayal in the Emerald City, as the once mighty KMCQ 104.5 ("In the shadow of Mount Rainier" / "Music I enjoy") has switched formats from classic oldies to the lunkhead favorites from nearly the same era. It seems that the Sonics and Wailers have been traded for Eddie Money and Huey Lewis & the News. The KMCQ Facebox page is filled with comments of dismay.


As an oldies station, KMCQ was nearly flawless. The only commercials seemed to be for the station itself, imploring you to preset the station on your radio. They played the best songs from the 60s and 70s, but sometimes played "Kids in America" or other cuts from the 1980s. It felt like we'd be friends forever. Now it feels like I'm 12 and I have to share a room with an older brother who won't stop playing his shitty records over and over again. I polled some people, you can read their comments below. What about you? Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore?

Mike Nipper: I play records, NOT THE RADIO. Gah.

Ben London: It's such a bummer. I loved the AM Radio haze that was KMCQ. I imagined some rich farmer up in Covington was tired of all the bullshit music on the radio and bought it so he could listen to the old radio on his tractor. Now the format is so narrow it seems like the only song they play now is "Hotel California".

Dre Gordon: Dear Q, or whatever you're now calling yourself,
My ears are NOT garbage cans and no, we are NOT "goin' ridin' on the freeway!" THANK FUCKING GOD FOR KIXI.

Dan Paulus: They pulled a Seger. A sweaty, greasy Seger.

Eli Anderson: It's 2012 and I'm supposed to care about the radio?

Greg Franklin: For a while there, it was the best radio station in the universe. It was a ray of morning sunshine as I grumbled my way across the 520 bridge, and a steadfast friend in the early afternoons when KEXP became a terrible techno party. I implore you to find someone else who will randomly drop C.W. McCall's "Convoy" into an FM playlist in 2012. I am a wreck.

Austin Hall: Finally, no more nostalgia!

Kerri Harrop: I am LIVID.

Matt Clark: Unfortunate. For over a year I was pleasantly surprised by their exceptional and refreshing selections. Now I just listen to KBCS and KUOW again. Fuck 'em.

Kyle Johnson: I'm fuckin' outraged...I miss the shadow of Mt. Rainier.

Kenn Job: The change lead me to discover that there's funk programming on KBCS from 7-9pm on Fridays. I need more funk and the KMCQ may be denying it to me in the way I wanted it before. Padding it with those weird in-between commercial/non-commercial commercials. It's weird.

Keith Whiteman: Radio, like children, doesn't HAVE to be given up on when they get old and obnoxious.

Joan Hiller: I don't even LIVE in Seattle anymore, and I just threw my radio down the toilet.

Eli Anderson: It was great while it lasted but I honestly can't be too mad at them for abandoning the money-sucking business plan of being an esoteric radio station that plays obscuro-classics with no commercials ever.

Steve Wampus Reynolds: I think it's a credit to the vision of the business and civic leaders of the city of Seattle.

Reilly Lambert: Reminds me of Lorain, Ohio. I hate Lorain, Ohio.

Jordan T Adams: I feel bad for the mother of whoever made the decision to change their program. Her kid is THE WORST.

Mutty Nice: Was a magical, beautiful, perfect shining star and then they hired some marketer, bought some shitty jingles and now it sounds like every other turd.

Mike Nipper: Also my bike doesn't have a radio.

Adam Lawrence: I loved the format previously. It was an oldies station that actually played oldies. I loved the esoterica of some of their choices. I won't listen anymore, but I don't begrudge the originators or feel they sold out. If they got to make some money based off of two(+) years of nifty radio programming, mazel tov.

Abigail Jane Vehorn: I was so so so upset. Although, the new programming is still better than the other "oldies" stations. It's very similar to what 97.3 KPSG used to be. That said, I've heard Hotel California 5 times in one day. BUT! The good news is the only commercial they play is the same one that KMCQ used to play which is Don Willis of The Ventures saying "I'm Don Willis of The Ventures, telling you to run, don't walk, to get your jewelry and gold appraised."

Kerri Harrop: They are playing Joe Walsh "Life's Been Good" right now. So, at least there's that.

Derek Erdman: That song does kind of rule.

Andrew Hall: I will never again tell all my friends that KMCQ plays all songs of the sixties and seventies. I was also pretty sure that the playlist looped after I heard "Mother and Child Reunion" go into an Elton John cover of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" around 12:15 AM two Tuesday mornings in a row. And is there anywhere left in the universe where "In The Year 2525" is still in heavy rotation now?

Shannon Perry: I got my KMCQ tattoo too soon?